01 August 2006

My massive beach ball is ready to pop!

Hello everyone! :)

Long time no post, I know. :P I'm shocking, you all know that! I'm not even going to BOTHER updating everything that has happened since my last post, since that was before Sheri had even arrived... Good gravy. I decided to do a post this evening because I was reading a fellow Canadian's blog - 'cept she's in NZ. Reminded me that oh, I'm silly, haven't kept this updated.

I should post a pic of the beachball though (my tummy), really. It's pretty massive...

See? Told ya.

Needless to say, I'm 1 week and 6 days off my due date (of 14 Aug 2006), but at the time of that picture, I was only 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant. (2 weeks ago) If you can imagine it, I'm bigger now. :P

Well, should I do a quick sum-up of our lives since my last post?

Sheri's visit was great - she fell in love with Australia. We went to the races while she was here (I got to wear a fascinator in my hair!!!), and the Melbourne Aquarium (VERY cool, I want to swim with the sharks!). We also took her down the coast to the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, and showed her kangaroos in the wild. (well, KIND OF the wild - they were lazing on a golf course.) She's hoping to come back for Christmas this year, but we'll see if that materializes. :)

We got Hawthorn memberships again this year, but WHAT A WASTE! They did well for the first 6 rounds of the season, but now they just SUCK, and we're in the same position on the ladder we were last year. We do have a couple of games coming up that we could win, and that could bring us up a spot or two, but to be honest, I'd be shocked.

I haven't been able to do much pole dancing since I started to show :( ... I did my last party in April, and have been ITCHING to do more! I kind of shot myself in the foot during my first trimester, because I was quite sick, so very inactive. By the time the sickness had passed (about week 16), I was too out of shape to really start exercising again. THEN I started to get big, and I haven't been able to do anything, not even pole dance! But, I'm counting down the days: plan is to get that pole back up 1 week after Jellybean is born, and get back on! I miss it heaps!

Because I couldn't do parties, business has been slow for me, but we've done a couple of bridal fairs, which is going to result in a fair amount of hen's nights booked from about Oct/Nov to about March or so. It'll be busy for those of us that did those bridal fairs... yay! :) We have one this weekend, but Rowena (one of my business owners) will be doing it on her own (probably kind of risky standing on my feet for 6 hours straight when I'm 39 weeks pregnant?). Then, Rowena, Mel (another business owner) and myself will be doing the LARGEST bridal fair in Melbourne on the 19th/20th of August. I'm REALLY looking forward to that one. (Here's hoping I give birth on time!)

Anyway... other things to tell:

My life has pretty much consisted of doing small things for my aplof business (because I'm not doing parties, it's been slow), research for getting my business back bumping soon after giving birth (back to when I was doing a party a weekend, woo hoo!), and LOTS of research for pregnancy, labour, and parenting.

For Mother's Day (same day here as in Canada, only Father's Day is different), I got a PRE-Mother's Day gift from Toddy.... a new kitty! He's the CUTEST thing you'll ever see!!! He's now 5 months old, his name is Crash, but we call him the Terrorist. He's VERY affectionate, and very playful. He loves to play fetch, and we reckon he thinks he's a DOG. Here's my little cutie pie:

I had my VERY first scrapbooking workshop with Creative Memories about a month ago. I have decided I LOVE scrapbooking! I got interested in it when I was preparing Jellybean's baby book... It's TOTALLY up my alley... so much so that I think I'm going to give it a go as a consultant in addition to my aplof biz. It's not like other party plans - they don't have ridiculous monthly minimums to remain "active"... so if I only want to do one workshop per month, or even every OTHER month, that's totally cool. You don't make anywhere's near what I make with my pole parties, but it's fun, I would love doing it, and a little bit of extra cash will NEVER hurt. :)

I had a baby shower on the weekend (just small, there was 10 of us I think?), and it was really nice. The girls all had a good laugh at the size of my belly, and Jellybean got some GREAT pressies. It was cool, 'cause it was the last time I'd see some of them before I become a mother... wow, now that's freaky!

Well, it's bed time now... I'm really tired (even though it's only 9pm!). I've been told to take advantage of being able to sleep lots now... ;)

Probably won't do another post until Jellybean's born! See you then, with pics. :)

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