14 August 2006

40 weeks and 1 day....

And Jellybean STILL isn't showing any desire to come out and join us in the real world! I haven't gotten any bigger (I don't think???), but my back is really taking this load, and thus my sleeps haven't been all that fantastic as of late. My body is preparing me for those early morning wake-up calls!

Mom sent me the coolest care package for our little JB. She included the Playtex nurser system (which I requested - you can't get them here in Australia), a snugglie security blanket type thing, an elephant towel or jacket hook, some clothes, and some Canadian cashola. It's all so cute! I'm a bit nervous about the clothes though - I don't know how long he'll fit them! One of them is supposed to be for babies 3 to 5 lbs... good gravy, I was 6lb6oz, and that's SMALL by today's standards! We'll see though... she sent 4 jumpersuits, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 yellow with puppies on it, and 1 blue with some cute embroidery. :) All so cute! The security blanket is the fuzziest little thing, with an elephant head, and even has a satiny corner for when he's teething and wants to suck on his blankie. :)

I was telling Todd today that I have NEVER ever been so keen to exercise or do activities in my life! It's probably all due to the fact that I physically CAN'T do those things, so I want to do them more than I ever have... But I have a SERIOUS jonesin' for a TaeBo video... for a Stretch class... to go for a run... to put my pole up and practice all the new moves from our latest DVD SalsaPole! I miss all of those things that I may not have done CONSISTENTLY before, but now I think I'll appreciate my ability to do those things, once I get that ability back! (I hope.) I plan to start being active RIGHT away... going for walks with JB in the stroller almost immediately, and just build my fitness back up.

I HAVE to get fit soon... On Sept 10th, I'm participating in a World Record attempt to have the most people pole dancing simultaneously around the world. (For more info, go see http://www.verticaldance.com) I haven't even been able to practice the routine yet!!! (OOOOH, and I'm so looking forward to it... it's so simple, yet so sexy and good!)

AND... on Oct 14th, I'm running a fundraiser (which I need to finish organising) for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I've called it PINK RIBBON POLE DANCING, and it's going to be a national thing with all of our Business owners. :)

That's the logo I designed for it... not bad, eh?

Anyway, off to get prepared for a Bridal Exhibition this weekend. (Yes, I'm 40 weeks pregnant, and still working on my business - hey, it's a fairly new business, and if I don't work on it, no one will.) It's one of the biggest Bridal fairs in Melbourne, so I'm hoping that we'll get some good returns on it over the next 12 months. (Bridal fairs are definitely not INSTANT gratification advertising.)

Hopefully my next post will have BIRTH details of my new baby, and a pic! :)

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