07 January 2006

Oh my god... TOO weird...

SHERI knows. :( Her friend Jack was reading my blog, saw that I was pregnant, and said "you didn't tell me she was pregnant!"... Jeez! Guys can be THICK sometimes. It LITERALLY happened as I was doing the other post today! I reckon that I jinxed the surprise by typing in that I was hoping to surprise her! (Even though I hadn't published the post yet.)

***Jack, if you're reading this... I MIGHT forgive you, because that was a pretty big surprise I had planned for the airport in less than two weeks. :( Shame shame. Next time, if a girl doesn't know that one of her best friends is pregnant, and YOU read somewhere that she IS... just bite your tongue for a bit, eh????***

Ah well... :P Whatever. I'll get over it... it just might take a bit. Although I do feel better now that she knows... simply because I've almost stuffed up a couple of times and let little things slip.

I'd left the 'puter for a bit because I felt sick (part and parcel of being pregnant I'm told), and while I was lying down, got a message from Sheri that just said: " :) CONGRATULATIONS!!! " I mean, it was SLIGHTLY possible she was talking about something else, like something to do with the business... but highly doubtful. I called right away, and after she said hello, I didn't say anything but "how the &%*^ did you find out????"

So yeah, I've felt crap up this afternoon until now (10pm)... which SUCKS, because now I know I'll be up late tonight. :P I even got sick again today... Again, I jinxed that too I reckon because I said to ROBYN and SHERI that I hadn't been sick for about 3 or 4 days... I REALLY have to shut my trap.

But, Todd and I are going to go over to ROBYN's and visit - her folks got in tonight after their little holiday to Holbrook NSW. They're staying here for a bit, and then off to Hong Kong to visit her sister... I can't WAIT to retire!!!

I sent a message to one of my Grandpas to tell him that he's going to be a great-grandpa... haven't gotten a response yet. Have to call TINA soon... she's going to .... well, I don't know really. Ha ha. I also have to tell LEN, and AMANDA, LAURIE, SHELLEY and TINE.... It's just finding time in the day when I feel NOT sick long enough to make a phone call longer than 10 minutes. :P

Anyway, I'm off to shower, and off to Robyn's. Probably won't do another post until after my first appt at the RWH (the 14th of Jan)... and probably not til after Sheri gets here either. Not much exciting happening until then.

Bye bye!

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