26 March 2005

WOO HOO, we're MOVIN'!

thank goodness! we move on the first of april, into melbourne. i'm SOOOO very excited! i've been CRAP at doing this freakin' journal... STILL. but, now that we've found a place (and we're not spending EVERY WAKING MOMENT looking for one), and we'll be moved in one week (and we're not spending EVERY WAKING MOMENT packing/cleaning), and i won't be doing the 3 (or 4, if i take the train) hour commute everyday... i'll have the time (you'd think?) to update this sucker more frequently.

i guess though, there isn't really any huge reason TO update it, since it is supposed to be a TRAVEL journal, and well, i haven't been doing much in the line of traveling lately. todd and i have been paying off our trip to canada for christmas (yikes), and saving up for much needed items: bed, and washer and dryer. we got the bed about 3 weeks ago (man, what a DIFFERENCE), and we bought the washer and dryer today (which we won't actually pick up until the day we move - no point in hauling it up to our unit on the 1st floor when we're moving in 6 days to a unit on the ground floor).

in regards to travel plans... well, our planned trip to queensland to see green day didn't go through. we just didn't have the cash after the canada trip, so we sold our concert tickets on ebay. (paid $140 for them, listed them for $140, and then the auction finished at $455... damn i LOVE ebay.)

DAMN, todd just came in, and asked me when the last time it was that i posted to this... so, i pulled up my blog on a different window... and good GRAVY! 30 jan!!! 2 MONTHS AGO!!!! ok, i am CRAP!

wow... well, the big day out was pretty awesome... only one band really disappointed us, and that was slipknot. system of a down was awesome, beastie boys were just amazing (shocked? umm, NOPE), powderfinger were GREAT, and most of the other bands on the blue and orange stages (the two main stages), were rockin.'

ok, and since then....

well, on the 2nd of feb, i got a job, and started on the 3rd of feb. i work at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, in the factory. we make 'aqueous' products, so, stuff like liquid barium for barium enemas for xrays, cough syrup (LOTS of types of cough syrup), ointments, shampoos, and other such interesting things. it's the first time i've ever done something like this, and i quite enjoy it. my bosses are AWESOME (which is SO important), and really good to work with, and all the people i work with are really great too (also VERY important). the job is in the city (1 hour drive in the morning, 1 1/2 hour drive in the evening, or 2 hrs 10 min each way on the train), so that's why i'm so excited to move into the city. i am SOOOOO OVER the commute. i make good money, and work 9 hours a day as well, so i'm pretty much wasted by the time i get home everyday.

ok, i'm kind of tired now... so i'm going to end this. let's see if i'll do another entry next month? oh yea, it's my birthday in 11 days...hint hint! ;)