04 March 2007

Bit behind on posting on here...

Because we've created a site for our little JB! "Little"... HA!

Jb is now known as X-man... Xavier Galloway, born at 3.19 am on 20 August, 2006. He weighed in at 4.49 kg, and 53cm long... and now, at 6 months and 13 days old, he's 10.5kg, and 72.5cm long: A BIG little boy!

He is THE life of the party, and absolutely a joy to be around. :) Of COURSE! :)

His site is here: X-man

Weeeellll, since that site is about our little man, I suppose I should keep this up to date with MY stuff... stuff that people who want to know about X don't really give a toss about... ;) Like, my nappy sewing! And girly stuff, and movies, and other interesting stuff (to me anyway).

Here's one girly thing that I found today on another blog (hence the reason why I'm doing this post)....

You Are 12% Girly

Um... you're a guy, right? If not, you're the most boyish girl in the world.
And for you, that's probably the ultimate compliment.

How funny is THAT????

Not surprising really.

I have to go though... have to get a tooth pulled in an hour, and in the meantime, send some info to a new customer (yeah, still pole dancing!).

D. :)