01 September 2009

Technology... o_O

Computers... The world as we know it would collapse without them, and it's scary sometimes how close our lives have become to those in "The Matrix" (one of my ALL TIME favourite movies).

This evening I've spent about 3 hours with my newly reformatted pc, installing drivers, downloading programs and then installing them.... one would think, with an organised list of programs, and a method to your task, that it would be boring, but easy... right? WRONG! *grrrr*

AVG took THREE tries to install... I remembered that I have to install flash for both IE AND firefox (I try to stay off IE at all costs, however, one has to use it to get going when you have a reformatted 'puter!)... Open Office takes forever and a day to download, as it is 150MB! Similarly with iTunes (but it's only 74MB), and some other programs - my fried brain refuses to recall them at the moment.

WHY did I willingly put myself through this agony??? Because I LOVE MY 'PUTER. :) No, I'm not one of those wack-jobs who has love for inanimate objects... I just enjoy spending time on my pc. I love looking at our photos, playing on facebook, reading emails, playing in photoshop, listening to tunes... I just truly enjoy it. So... I've resolved to build a bridge, and get over it... and get on with enjoying my fresh pc. (that still has some bugs mind you!)

Anyhoo, bridge built, and over it already... hey, I'm posting on my blog, aren't I? ;)