02 August 2006

Decided to do another post...

Because I took two cute pics.... and Toddy took some good ones too.

"Bluebear" is Todd's childhood friend... he thinks his Auntie Jenny gave it to him when he was only a few days old. Todd just got Bluebear from his mother recently, and Bluebear needed a bath, so we gave him one... and this is the end result: (a clean, but "strung out" bear!)

Now, do you notice that he's been strung up by his ears? Is this a sign of things to come for us as parents??? ;) Just for the record, I had him up by his toes, but Todd came out and decided that he needed to be hung up by his ears. (Makes sense though, his ears are thinner and clip onto the line much better!)

And this next one... If the massive beach ball protruding out of my stomach isn't proof enough that we're going to be parents... how's this cute pic work for ya? All of the clothing that we've received, most of it generous donations from other parents and their young boys. (Thanks Tara and Tania!) But, there are a few items in there that we got from the baby shower too (Thanks to all the girls that made it to the shower!), and then some other items are upstairs, already clean and ready to be worn (Thanks Nana Hazel, Grampa Doug and Grama Margaret, and Lenia!).

And one more pic of the beach ball. Todd and I did a "photo shoot" last night, to have a heap of "artistic" photos of me being really big... and we set this one on a timer to take. I think it looks fantastic, and with a bit of photo-shopping, we're going to get it printed to send out with Christmas cards this year me thinks. (Even though I look lopsided!)

Anyway, I'm off to start prep work for dinner tonight... mmmm cream of potato soup. I'm SUCH a soup-aholic!

Love d. :)

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