06 June 2009

Yet another late night...

This night wasn't intentional. I was in bed by 11, asleep by 11.20ish... but awakened at 1.19am from heartburn, and 1.34am for a feed. (yes, he's one, and still waking up... :P)

I laid in bed for over a half hour before deciding this is SILLY, I'm going to get up and tire myself out so I can sleep. Now it's 3am, and I'm doing another silly late post... albeit short though. :)

Went to the dr's yesterday (since it's technically Saturday :P), and got the all clear for my Bell's Palsy. Dr reckons it's due to ear infection or HPV... funny, never had a cold sore, nor do I have an ear infection... but the 'roids helped my neck, and thus my face... :P I did my own reading, I reckon my assumption is a bit more correct, since my neck went out again half way thru the 'roids, and my face got worse again. Ah well, whatever, am getting better... should be 100% in about 3 to 6 weeks time.

Tomorrow is Shan's birthday party, and I'm excited. :) We have family coming, and friends too, it's gonna be fun! We had a couple of parties for X's first (family, mother's group, and then a giant bbq with friends for his and T's bdays), so only 2 for Shan (no mother's group here).... but it should be a good one.

THEN... off to Van for a trip to visit with the PETCOWS of Chilliwack (sorry, I think it's funny my friend mis-spells her own last name like that (Petkau)... and then picking up Jac from the Van International Airport on Weds... such a busy week! And then a busy month with Jaclyn here.... ah. Overwhelmed? Not really actually. Surprisingly. But oh so excited!!!

Okay, I'm actually feeling tired now, and since this may be my last post for a couple of weeks (busy busy!), I'm glad I got the opportunity to get on here... since this has been a standing goal for a while, to actually contribute on a semi-regular basis to my blog. :) (yay, I'm working on it!)

Off to bed,

02 June 2009

Tagged by Dinnae

And... after heading over to get my fix of Shazza's croppy self... I have been tagged by her at: shazza's craft connection, I have to fill out the answers to these questions then tag 8 other bloggers... so...

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. cuddles with my hubby and/or my boys
2. church
3. family visits
4. scrapbooking and sewing (when I get a chance)
5. crash coming to live with us
6. facebook (yeah, sad, I know)
7. the arrival of my monthly Melaleuca order (hey, I've been a customer for 10 years, because I looooove their stuff!)
8. coffee with friends

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. got woken up far too many times (1.19am, 4am, 5.48am)
2. went swimming at the Nilsson's
3. had hot dogs for dinner
4. put laundry out on the line (I LOVE THIS SEASON!)
5. set up my boys' wading pool
6. visit with my Grama (whom I live with) and my Auntie C
7. went for a walk/jog
8. read my Bible and prayed

8 Things I wish I could Do
1. have my own scrap/sew/craft area
2. buy our own house
3. go visit mates in Melbourne
4. live closer to all my bestest friends (Van, Melb, EVERYWHERE!)
5. be organised, and not always feel like I'm behind the 8ball
6. go to a hawks footy match... I miss my team!
7. know what the future holds
8. have 36 hour days (I think that ties in with #5 tho)

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately
1. Rules of Engagement
2. Big Bang Theory
3. Obssessed
6. Max & Ruby & ITNG
7. Pros vs Joes (T's pick)
8. Stanley Cup Finals

8 Blogs I am tagging....
1. Tanja W
2. Kate H
3. Jen N
4. Yvette O
5. Heidi B
6. Susan D
7. Marcy
8. Samantha


No more babies in my house....

For now. ;)

My baby Shan turned 1 on the 29th of May. OMG. He is ONE. X is not far off THREE... so, no more babies for me. Well, as I said, for now.

I have a strong desire to have two more. Not sure why, since I NEVER WANTED KIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE... but, I feel that we will have two more, and PROBABLY both boys. (I'd be more comfortable with boys anyway. LOL) But, T is of the frame of mind... well, let's say he's not too keen. I'm happy to wait and see.... and tbh, I wouldn't mind having my body back for awhile.

Speaking of which... I went for a 17 min walk/jog today. :D Granted, only about 10 min of that was jogging, most of it very slowly due to a very very weak core, but hey, I gotta start somewhere, eh? I felt good afterward, and actually did 7 min more than my goal. Let's see how I go tomoz.

Shan has started to truly wean I think. :'( A sign my baby is growing, but a scary thing for me. I shouldn't be surprised, as X self-weaned at 13 months... but still... it makes me a bit glum. He's different from X too, in that X NEEDED his night-time feed, and then after he was over the boob, he needed a bottle of milk (that kid STILL loves his milk, just like his mama). But Shan, well, not so much. Morning feed however? Whoa, get out of his way til he gets his boo-boo. And now, he's just not asking for it in the mornings or afternoons for a snack anymore... FAR more interested in stuff his big bro is eating. (Although, he did feed FOUR times one day last week... a sign to me he's teething again :P so maybe he'll keep feeding for awhile.)

Speaking of teeth... I think X's two front teeth have cavities. :( It took a long while to get him to let us brush his teeth (and Shan is even worse than X was), and although he's usually pretty good now... well, he's almost 3... and periodic brushing is prob not that great. Fingers crossed I'm just seeing stuff though.

And, have to post an update about the Bell's Palsy... I seem to be getting better. My neck had a relapse on Fri or Sat, so that sucked, but, except when I talk lots, my face seems about 90% better. Eating cereal is a chore, my shreddies went EVERYWHERE this morning... well, my milk anyway... but other than that, my smile is ALMOST there, my eye isn't bugging me as much, and my lips don't constantly feel itchy or sore. 5 more days of the "jungle juice" as T calls it (funny, they're tablets), and hopefully it will be resolved by then.

And to respond to Shazza-baz's comment... I've noticed you blogging like mad, and you're scrapping like crazy too... am VERY happy to know that I had a small part in developing a scrap-addict... LOL Bet H isn't my biggest fan, eh? ;) I'm gonna try and do some challenges with you Shaz... over the miles my dear! Go check out Shazza's work at http://shazzacraft.blogspot.com ... I'm off to do that right now. (Silly me, had a cuppa at about 2pm this arvo... now I can't sleep! I know better!)