09 December 2010

A new bubba... Riley Morgan

Ahhhh, such a crazy crazy whirlwind the last 27 days has been... oh, and even the weeks, months, and dare I say it, YEAR before then too!

Friday, 12 November was an EPIC day for us - our newest little man, Riley Morgan, joined our family earthside at 2.22pm.

Riley Morgan - 10lb 13oz, 22" - 12/11/2010
My little monkey is 27 days old today, and surprise surprise, I'm madly in love with him.  He's a snuggle-bum, and sooo squishy... I'm addicted to newborn snuggles.  I wish we could bottle them and have them forever.

Life with a newborn, a toddler, and a pre-schooler is fun... hectic right now, since my newborn has baby gas, and life is tough for about 4 hours in the afternoon, and about 3 at night.... but we're getting into a routine.  I'm happy to say that I'm finished typing out Riley's birth story, and that I will post it here with a couple of pics in the weeks to come, along with Xavier's and Shannon's birth stories, as part of a series to depict my progression from a cascade of interventions (my first) to a natural hospital birth (second) to an unassisted home water birth (third).  But, being that I want to have them posted as a series, I will wait until I've finished typing up the other two as well.  I had hand-written both the other two in their journals, so I've managed to type out Shannon's, and I'm just tweaking it now... but Xavier's journal, book 1 (I'm on notebook #2), is somewhere... so I may have to type it anew... meaning that may take a bit longer than I'd anticipated.

For all my birth junkie friends: they will be worth the wait.

Love and hugs,

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