22 October 2010

Adding to the family

Today is 37 weeks and 5 days... and baby, has time FLOWN.  

Every day that goes by, I feel goes by quicker than the day before.  

It's 22 October, and holy hannah, it feels like we just rang in 2010 last week...  It feels like I just found out yesterday that I was expecting my 3rd child (March)...  It feels like just yesterday that I won a competition with my Stampin' Up! business that got me a "Workshop of  a Lifetime" with CEO Shelli Gardner (March)... It feels like just yesterday I finished up at work on early mat leave (May)... It feels like just yesterday my hubby and I celebrated 5 years of marriage (July)... It feels like just last week we got back from a week's vacation in the sunny, hot region of Okanagan, BC (July)... It feels like just yesterday that my dad was here visiting from Portugal (August)...

Where has 2010 gone????

And like the title of this post, we are adding to the family, soon, as baby is due in 2 weeks and 2 days, although could LITERALLY come at any day now, since boy #2 was born at 37w6d.

Is it a trait that comes with AGE, or with PARENTING, that time seems to fly at an unnatural pace?  That life seems to happen whether we're ready for it or not... that quote from John Lennon sums it up best:

"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."


So anyway.

We have plans.  We have BIG plans.  

- Baby is going to be born at HOME (oh how I've wanted this one for soooooooo long!!!!  Since boy #1!!!).... 

- Hubby's biz is going in a COMPLETELY different direction (very good though!  More details and a link, well, repeated links, to his site once it's up and running.)... 

- We won't be staying tooooo much longer in Small Town, BC (read: 12 to 24 months)... 

- Homeschooling starting next year (ok, this is kinda' scary, but so exciting - I BEGGED to be homeschooled as a kid!)... 

- And me?  As a STAY-AT-HOME-MUM???  (Man, I **LOVE** that title!!!!)  I have business plans.  Yes, in addition to getting back to running a house (haven't done *much* of that the last 6 months - this pregnancy has been tiring.), homeschooling, I also plan on maintaining my Stampin' Up! business (more as a hobby though, I just love being creative), and earnestly exploring two options for earning income from home - Melaleuca (a great company I've been a customer of for almost 12 years), and a publishing business (no name, as it's ALL MY IDEA, and I don't want to spoil it until I have it all planned out).

Will I have time for this?  I pray so.  If it's part of His plan for us, then the time will be there.  If not... well, we'll see, won't we.  ;)

Okay, off to bed... always seems that I go into labour in the middle of the night AFTER I've stayed up too late... (yes, both boy #1 and boy #2 started into our lives that way!)  I just wanted to post, since I've been so slack (yeah, 6 month gap is slack, you can say it), and I felt inspired for WHATEVER reason - I ain't gonna argue!

much luv,

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