02 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, 2011.

I have a 7 week old baby boy, my husband is doing interviews for jobs in Vancouver, and that means the 5 of us will be south bound at some point in this year.


The wheels of change, they are 'a turnin!'  

It's been a long time coming, and man, are we ever excited.  T leaves on Tuesday to head south and do a technical skills test/interview for one job, another left a voice mail while we were out of town that they wanted to set up an interview, so that will happen next week as well.... and the aim is to get as many interviews set up as possible while he's down there.  Kill as many birds with one stone as possible... and if he has to stay down there for a week, so be it.  

I'll have to get used to that, anyway... the whole being on my own with 3 kids thing.  o_O  Yeah... I don't envy single mums, or other mums that do their job with their partner away.  T and I are very much partners, and having him away is gonna be hella-hard.  But, I'll do it, and get through it, because we have to, and because in the long run, it's gonna be awesome.

I foresee doing one thing that I've ALWAYS had a hard time doing: accepting help.  We've had so many people offer (as I'm sure SO MANY people get as well, from their loved ones) to help - to take the bigger boys, to clean, to do stuff... but it's hard to accept, because you know they have their own lives to live, and helping me/us would take them away from their own lives... ya know?  But, I also know that I myself love to help (which I should try harder to do sometimes), so I also know that they are usually genuinely offering that help.  And with the situation changing in our lives as it will be, I am thinking that help is going to come in SUPER handy in the coming months.


Because after T lands a job, he will move south, and we will stay here.

Yes, we're crazy.

No, not really.  ;)  We have reasons for this decision.  

1. We want to make sure that he is in a job that he likes, and they like him, before we commit to that big move.  Especially when house-wise, we are super happy where we are; and money-wise, we're doing okay here (not great, which is why we're moving, but we're not grossly in the hole or anything, like we would be if we moved down there, and then T's new job didn't work out).

2. We'd like to save for our move, save to pay off debts, and get a new vehicle (ours was rear-ended the day after boxing day, and if we take the claim, it is a write-off).... all of which would be harder to do paying the higher rent that is characteristic of Greater Vancouver.

3. Before we move, I HAVE to go through the mountain of boxes in our basement and PURGE of unnecessary items.  ONE BOX PER NIGHT is my goal.  I've had that goal for ages, but I'm not so good with it.  I'm the type of person who wants to do too much, so I wind myself up into a tizzy, and then I get overwhelmed, and instead, procrastinate, when REALLY, one box is no biggie, would probably only take me, max, half an hour, and that's a BIG box, with LOTS of little, different things.  Some boxes may only take me 10 minutes!

This purging is necessary, because when we move, we're doubtful we'll land a place with storage as awesome as this place... so all the junk that I've accumulated must go.  Only needed junk is coming with us.  :D

So yeah, only 3 reasons, but 3 very valid reasons.

New vehicle... that's another wheel of change turning... I'm a smidge excited, because we're going to go new. After putting in 2 new transmissions into this vehicle, and it needing work, and now it being rear-ended (well, really, the corner was clipped, it was parked), we don't want to be nickel-and-dimed to death anymore.  Purchase planned?  Grand Caravan.  :)  Lots of space for 3 growing boys and car seats, road trips north to see family, and down the road, bikes, snowboarding equipment, hockey equipment and friends.... oh, and trips to crops for me with all my stampin' goodies.  :D

All right, time to go to bed.  Riley fell asleep about 1.15am, and now that it's been an hour, it's safe for me to go to bed now.... and I really should.  The holidays drain me.

Hope you and yours had a good one, and here's to the wheels of change in 2011!!!


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