24 January 2010

Six days... whoa. SIX DAYS

That's right, 6 days til we move.  Cripes.  That and my Stampin' Up! activities are the reasons why I haven't been blogging much lately - packing = time away from 'puter.  AND... stampin' = time away from 'puter. ;)  But, no stampin' now really until we move.  *pout* 

BUT... tonight will be spent scanning photos... Add to the fact that we're moving, I work full-time, Todd is trying to get his business applications done so his biz can move forward, I have a Stampin' Up! business that I've decided to actually nurture instead of just have a hobby, THAT.... my beloved grama turns EIGHTY on Friday.  Ssssshhhhh, she doesn't know that we're having a surprise party for her on Sunday.  Our big family gift to her is a digital photo frame with about 60 OLD photos scanned onto the memory card - guess what my job is?  So guess what I'm doing most nights this week?  That's ok, that's my ONLY job... no cooking, prep, nuthin', so I'm glad I can at least do that.  I asked her yesterday if she wants me to cook her something for her birthday, and she said no... :(  oh well, I might do it anyway.  ;)

Back to the move, the shipping container is almost entirely packed, and then it's just major items like small appliances and bed, bedding and clothes that we have left.  Oh, and the tv and computer.  ;)  I'm so stoked (in case you couldn't tell from the last post).  But, definitely not stoked about moving, I HATE the actual MOVING part.  Let's not even mention the fact that it's only FOUR BLOCKS AWAY... but the hassle!!!!  LOL  I just wish TODAY was move day.

We're hoping to have a few extra sets of hands to help us out, and we have at least one volunteer to make sure munchkins aren't underfoot - so that's a MAJOR help!  I should get back off the computer, and go pack some more boxes... and maybe think about what's for dinner.  Oh man, dinner has been.... lacking zing lately.  Cookbook is packed.  KD and me = good friends.

Much love,
D. :)


andrea nina said...

good luck on the move! xoxo

dinnae said...

thanks andrea! i'll be posting pics of the new digs once we're semi-unpacked... i plan on doing a bit of painting over the next couple of months too, so it'll be a work-in-progress! :)