14 January 2010

16 days and counting...


seriously, i'm so excited, i could pee.  i know, i know, too much info.  but i don't care.  i'm just so darn excited that we're finally getting into our own place in 16 days.

not that anything has been bad lately at home.  not at all.  grama and i have had a blue in MONTHS, like MONTHS AND MONTHS, so it's not that at all.  and i'm soooooo grateful (as you can see over here) that we've had a warm roof over our heads for the last 18 months of.... of.... hmmmm... trials.  but, we are SQUISHED here.  grama's house is big, but we're only on the one floor.  and we have lots of stuff... most of which is still in storage!

i have my stamping and scrapping stuff in boxes (and boxes and boxes), my fabric in boxes, books, dvds and cds on the mantle, and collecting dust, and making me feel claustrophobic... ACK.  i'm HORRIBLE at putting my clothes away to begin with, but with having no space?  yeah, my closet - meet my floor.

this new place is only about 4 blocks away, so no change in routine, or petrol (gas) bill... with enough space/rooms for t to have an office, me to have my SPACE, the boys to have a toy room, AND a storage room in the basement.... AND even a SPARE BEDROOM THAT IS JUST A SPARE BEDROOM!!!!  the boys will still share, but that's because i think that's probably a smarter move at this point - they're at a good age to continue to share. 

i'm just SO excited.  and because i'll have my SPACE... my computer will have it's own space, my scrap and stamp stuff will have shelves and bins... and oh, to be able to NOT HAVE TO clean up RIGHT AWAY because my work space won't be our dining table anymore!  yay!

anyway, i'm all done uploading photos to my gratitude blog now, so it's off to bed for me.  :*

much love!

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andrew said...

Your own space! WAAHOOOOOOO!!

Yay for all 4 of you... I'm so happy for you.