01 January 2006

OOOH, I'm CRAP at this, TRULY

I am so bad. :)

I'll be better, I PROMISE. Especially now that I have more reason to keep it up... despite the fact that I'm no longer traveling (since I now LIVE in Australia - my Permanent Residency should come through within the next 6 months), I have another FABULOUS reason to post on a regular basis --- I'm PREGNANT!

So much has happened since my last post! To sum it up:

--> in April we moved to Melbourne from Geelong

--> I had a job with a company called Ultramix and MCI. Unfortunately, due to my work visa restrictions, my last day with them was 4 Nov '05. I started work there in February, so, after 3 months with the recruitment agency, 3 months with MCI, and then 3 months with the sister company, Ultramix, I had done everything I could legally do in order to stretch out my employment... They were a great mob to work for, lots of fun, and I made a couple of really great friends that I'm sure I'll have for life.

--> we got memberships to the HAWTHORN HAWKS to watch all of the home games for the 2005 season (we did terrible - 3rd from the bottom of the ladder - but I still LOVED it!)

--> Todd and I got married on 23rd July, 2005. A small, intimate ceremony, with a small get-together at a restaurant/pub afterwards.

--> Todd and I bought a business for me in August. We were aware of my visa situation (I won't be able to LEGALLY work longer than 3 months for an employer until my new visa comes through), so in a rare feat of forward-thinking, I started looking into self-employment options in June. I was seriously considering Tupperware - it's a good company with great products, and a very well-established company.... But I didn't want to be doing parties when I was a mother of a new baby (again, more forward-thinking)...

The day after we got married, thanks to SHERI, I checked out this business.... a POLE DANCING business! To make a long story short, we purchased my Regional Directorship (I'm the RD for the state of Victoria) in August, but due to the fact that I was still working full time, I didn't do much with it until I was done at work with Ultramix. I knew going in that I would have to put my business with A Pole Lot of Fun on hold (at least partially) until I no longer had the barrier of a full-time job to get in the way.

--> we moved, AGAIN. 10 Sept '05 we moved into our current place, which we are hoping to buy in the next year or two. We LOVE it here! We have a flatmate (Adrian aka Fluff aka Millsy) who is moving back to the USA in June '06 to get married to his fiance Teri. After he moves out, we'll keep the house to ourselves.

--> I finished work at Ultramix, and started a new chapter in my life - that of the self-employed businesswoman. At the beginning of November '05, I jumped into my business with A Pole Lot of Fun HEADFIRST, and have been flat out ever since!

--> In late November '05, I joined a networking organisation called BNI. The contacts I've made through BNI have helped to propell my A Pole Lot of Fun business to areas that I thought it would take months to get there... when in reality, those contacts (including Dr. Janet Hall) have helped me to get on Australian National TV only 5 weeks in!!!

--> Also in late November, the CEO of A Pole Lot of Fun came here from Canada to work with me, train me, and essentially help me get my business on the go (as the company does with ALL Regional Directors). During the span of his 5 days with me (and the 1 week following), we got us in the paper in Brisbane, on the radio on the Sunshine Coast, and .... on A Current Affair on Australia's National TV Network, NINE.

--> I was filmed doing a party for Dr. Jan on 7 Dec '05. I was SOOO nervous, but it turned out great, and I had a blast!

--> On 8 Dec '05, the day after filming for ACA... after 6 months of trying... I did a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT), and got a very FAINT positive!

--> Also, that same day, I flew to the Sunshine Coast to do a party for radio personality Caronline Hutchinson from MIXFM, and on 9 Dec '05, I was a guest on her morning radio show with Mark Darin. Because I had flown up specifically for them, Caroline asked me to be a BIG part of the show, and I was on air for about an hour and a half promoting A Pole Lot of Fun. Again, was SUPER nervous at first, but by the end, just LOVING it!

--> Did another HPT on 14 Dec... WAY darker!!! :) Had my first GP appointment that morning, and did a pee test there too... and the test line came up positive before the freakin' control line even did!

--> Had a tour of the Royal Women's Hospital (Melbourne) Family Birthing Centre on 21 Dec '05. They have a "non-interfering" approach to childbirth, wherein the mother and father do the delivery, with help from a team of midwives. Because it is just a FLOOR in the hospital, literally sandwiched between the two maternity floors, there is ALWAYS an obstetrician, etc on site, and you can be moved to the regular maternity ward at any time if medical attention is needed. But, the approach is designed to limit the amount of recovery time that mum needs, and get you back home with your new bub asap. Todd and I have decided that we're going to go that route, provided that I have a "non-complicated" pregnancy. (Can't see any reason why complications should arise - we both have a healthy family history in that aspect - knock on wood!)

--> Christmas eve - BOZZA's mum guessed I was pregnant. Jeez, didn't even ask if I had eaten anything off... first thing out of her mouth: "you pregnant???" AND, Fluff proposed to Teri at Carols by Candlelight... shocked the crap out of her, she thought he was going to propose in March. :D

--> Quiet Christmas... the last quiet one we'll have for YEARS I'm SURE. I cooked a turkey with REAL gravy, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, baby carrots, and T made FABULOUS mash. Just like Christmas dinner in Canada... except it was THIRTY FIVE FREAKIN DEGREES!!!!! Next year will be good grub: We'll be up in Forster with Doug and Margaret for Christmas '06. :)

--> 28 Dec had another appointment with GP to get blood results - I'm healthy, pregnant, and good to go thus far. :)

--> New Year's - we had a TOGA Party here with a few friends. Found out that two of our closest friends started DATING each other 4 weeks ago and didn't tell us. :P I'm happy as a pig in sh*t for them, but still kind of sore that they lied to me. (And yes, you did R :P) APPARENTLY I didn't see heaps of signs. :P Oh well, I need to build a bridge and get over it... right TWATTS?

--> And today??? Well, SICK AS A DOG, as I have been for the last 3 weeks. I've only been sick twice so far, but the nausea is the KILLER. Ya know when you get so drunk that when you close your eyes at the end of the night, you get room spins? And then you sweat, and get that salty icky taste in your mouth???? Yea, well try having that for ALL DAY SICKNESS! The dr. gave me a 'script for Maxolon, the anti-nausea drug... but it just makes me worse, and all shaky. Yuck. So, it's been, tea, FORCING myself to eat (even though I get gas just from drinking WATER!!!), and just napping when I feel tired.

I'm hoping that it'll be gone soon... SHERI gets here from Canada on the 17th of Jan, and she's here for almost a month.

I think I'm going to go have a little nap. I told TINI I'd call her back at 2pm my time, and I want to rest for a bit before, 'cause I'm sure we'll have a good chin-wag session -- I haven't talked to her in AGES!

:* MWAH!

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