01 February 2011

Working from home


I have these 3 adorable little boys.  Hubby is a web designer, and as good as he is, is getting frustrated with trying to run his own business - he's not a salesman, so getting clients isn't easy, ESPECIALLY in this economy.  In a small town to boot!  Although he DID just get a new client yesterday, completely out of the blue.  Sooooo, he's looking to maybe get a J.O.B.  In Vancouver.  I LOVE VANCOUVER.  But from a rental perspective, it is MUCH more expensive than where we are now.

I want to bring in about $2000 per month.  I am NOT going to put my boys in daycare, for 2 big reasons: 1) I want to be home for them - I loved having my mum home, and was DEVASTATED when she went back to work after my parents split up (plus I LOVE being a sahm); and 2) to put 3 kids in daycare would cost more than what I would bring in - ummm, can we say POINTLESS?

My dilemma is not WHAT to do from home (so please don't post your links to your MLM etc.) because I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator (hobby demo) and a I am a Melaleuca Marketing Executive (have been a customer for 12 years, and am now going to build that business)... but rather, how to manage life with 3 under 5 WHILE working from home.

Example?  Making calls while my 4yo and 2.5yo are fighting and hollering.  Doing a presentation or card class while my 3mo is gassy and/or needing to be breastfed.  You get the picture.  Especially since DH is on the phone right now while making lunch, and the 4yo is yelling "I want some lunch. I want some lunch!"  (Thank goodness it was just a mate.)

(Don't tell me I need to discipline my kids, because we're actually pretty much hard-a$$es to be honest.  But they are kids, and the 2 bigger ones are LOVING testing the limits right now.)

I don't think that some more personal attention for the big ones would go amiss, but that's also hard with a 3mo.  VERY hard.

Any suggestions?


jackowen51 said...

Hello beautiful, talented lady!! I know that it is not a very educational solution but desperate times call for desperate measures! Jack found my Nintendo DS and after spending 3 hours at the hospital today for my dads broken foot it was the best thing that I could have bought with me. For those times when you need quiet and focus its great, you can also find games that are a bit more educational. The only other option is the vtec version of a playstation and all their games are educational so are teaching numbers (adding and counting) and letter recognition. They are definitely worth the money. I hope that that helps a bit!!

dinnae said...

yeah, tried that... just end up with fights "i want the game HE's playing!" (even with two dses) and whining "mummy, how do i play THIIIIIISSSS???" mostly from shannon, the last comment, but from x if we let him play mariokart.

we bought them the two sesame street games - cookie monster's counting carnival, and elmo's alphabet something-or-other. both are still a bit too old for shannon, although x loves them.

anyway, still workin' on it. thanks for the comment shaz, and sorry it took so long for me to reply! (not sure why, but the comment didn't go to my email like they're supposed to.)

Tanja said...

I have absolutely NO helpful ideas for you. My WAHM business doesn't require any phone calls, fortunately, but trying to call a utilities company or any company with voice-recognition technology while the boys are playing happily let alone having a squabble, is near to impossible. I've been known to hang up and put the tv on and try again. :(

Tanja said...

PS: This is Tanja here. ;)
Dunno what name will come up when my comment is approved.

dinnae said...

TANJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was JUST thinking about you the other day... stupid blogger didn't email me that you'd posted a comment... hmmmm, gotta check that. anyway, gonna hunt down your email addy soon and drop you a line, miss ya!!!!