23 February 2011

Taking over the world...

One follower at a time!!!!


Okay, slightly psycho, yes.  But funny, no?  C'mon, you know you laughed!

Part of my bio blip is about getting used to tweeting, blogging, all these technological thingamajiggers so that I can remain a SAHM, and not rack up the debt of the century by placing my 3 kids in daycare.  So, I've started tweeting more.  I've realised that in order to be truly effective at tweeting, I need to do it more often, so I have twitter.com as one of my home pages.  (I have 8 sites that load automatically when I boot up Chrome.)  And my work is not going un-noticed... I hit 300 followers today.  Now, that might not seem like a lot... but considering that, 3 weeks ago, I had about 150 - that's not too bad!!!

Now... back to the post below, about balancing working at home with 3 boys... that big square thing is showing their favourite show right now.  We SEVERELY limit telly in our house (ooooooh, their behaviour when we don't, ie: when I'm sick, etc, is ATROCIOUS), to about 1 hour per day (sometimes less); and that is dependent on what is on.  Their two fave shows are the Backyardigans, and In the Night Garden.  So, because those shows are on at a lovely time (4pm - dinner making time!), that's their tv time.  So on days like today, when I am the SHIZNIT, and I ALREADY have din-din simmering on the stove... I have time to blog!  Woo hoo!

Another thing that will make life easier in that whole balance thing?  We are moving soon (about 2 months from now) to Vancouver (6 hours south of where we are), and we'll be squishing into (compared to now) a 3 bed unit (suite, apt, townhouse, whatever)... so I will have a desk in the living room, and be able to supervise whilst being productive at the same time.  Then it'll be easy to take a break to do the hokey pokey with my boys, and then get back at 'er.  :)

That feels good ... to have a plan in place, ya know?

Love D.

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