08 November 2009

Time certainly flies...

... the more you don't WANT it to!

This last year has gone so amazingly fast, my head spins just to think of it.  I was thinking about my blog the other day, thinking, hmmm, it's been awhile since I've done a post.  I come on here today, and realise, holy cripes, it's been over 2 months!

Not that we don't have reason for our time to fly - I've been working full time, we've all gotten the flu bug (not sure if it was H1N1 or not!), my dad was here visiting from Portugal, Thanksgiving holiday (visiting with mum, and bro and fam), kicking off our Student Ministry @ WLAC, working through the Changeways program (just me), starting up my Scrap club and doing my first cardworkshop (with Stampin' Up!)..... yeah, lots of stuff!  Some days I was lucky to even have the energy to check my email.  And let's not forget: a preschooler and a toddler are tough work, even at the end of a day of outside-the-home work!  They're sooooo much fun though, so it's totally worth it.  They just whittle away the time so fast.  I could spend hours tickling either of my boys - the sound of their laughter is addictive - it's my drug of choice. :)

I still have lots to do, enough to make myself feel overwhelmed yet, but I feel that things are heading toward some sort of organisation.  The key thing in our life is that we need to have a calendar with all of our events and commitments on it - that will make life IMMENSELY easier!  BUT.... to find the time to make one big enough to put all the deets on it......  ha!

I have finally posted some project photos to my group on facebook, took me long enough.  I've got the projects in there from September and October Scrap Clubs... and in time, I'll have the cards from my last card workshop, and the next one (it's on Tuesday).  Next Scrap Club is 21 November, so I'll have 2 more layouts and one card to show then.

We will be moving soon - although when, I'm not so sure.  We have to be out of Grama's house by the end of February, that's the deadline we've been given... so, to find a house cheap enough, yet suitable for life with 2 boys and a self-employed web designer (a 3 bedroom house will do the job), that'll be the deciding factor as to when/where.  The thought of moving in February is daunting, to say the least (hey, no one wants to move when it's 30 below), but that's what we've been dealt, so we gotta play the hand we've got.

Well, should go do some domestic duties... dishes done, and bedding in the washer, but have the HUGE task of sorting through boys' clothing to give to Sally Anne, keep and pack, etc.... should probably stop procrastinating and just do it!

Hugs to all!

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