17 November 2009

hack hack, cough cough

See, I get frustrated when I make a goal, and then come NOWHERE near accomplishing that goal.  HMMMMMM... happens ALOT to me.  Like posting on my blog.  Like sorting through photos and getting them printed/up on facebook so the fam doesn't disown me. (kidding, kind of.)  Like reading more.  Like exercising.  Like scrapbooking more.  Oh wait, that one I'm ACTUALLY making headway on. :D  yes!

Then this cold.  Coughing for 8 days.  Realising that, wait a sec, I've had FOUR COLDS in the 3.5 months I've worked at my job.  HMMMMM....  Dr's office tomorrow.  Friends think it may be environmental.  How much would that truly suck?  Oh, just ALOT.  This job has been an unbelievable blessing.  My boss is so awesome, my hours are flexible (like, as in 24 hr/day flexible), and for what I do, I make good coin.  But, I've been sick alot.  And now with not being able to sleep due to the hacking up of my lungs at night... I feel like I'm even more behind the 8-ball.  I just want to have some time to get stuff done - like calling my youth parents to set up a meeting, like calling about rental units in the paper, like so many other things... but I talk for longer than 60 secs and I'm having a conniption fit.  I'm not even talking right now, and I'm coughing.

Please pray for my cold to go away.  I know it's silly, and dumb, but after this last 15 months... well, these silly and dumb straws are gettin' pretty heavy.


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