27 August 2009

WL Stamp'N'Scrap!

Woohoo!!!! I sent off my forms and money order (by Xpresspost) to Stampin' Up! yesterday morning.... meaning this time next week I will officially be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

I'm soooooooo excited! I had a goal to meet - fill a stamp club of 10 ladies - before I could sign up. Well, there was a promo this month, where I'd get about $60 worth of extra stuff if I signed up before the end of August.... so I hit that goal hard, and here I am! I have one full stamp club, probably a full second club, and I'm already working hard to fill a 3rd. It's all very exciting, and I haven't slept much, as my brain just goes NUTZOID. Just won't shut off. :P

I will be posting my club projects and such up on here... along with the details to the club. Please comment if you're interested in a spot!

So yeah, like ages ago, I posted that there was much to tell... and there has been... Which is why I haven't been back on.

-> X went on his first sleepover away from us, to my aunt's in Quesnel. He was an AWESOME boy, and only asked for me ONCE!
-> X turned THREE on the 20th... oh. my. dog. It has just FLOWN.
-> T turned 33 today... happy birthday to my sexy man!
-> my mum got her own place! A little trailer in Fort Nelson, her OWN place! I'm so excited for her, proud of her, aaaaallll that stuff. Am hoping maybe we can venture up north for Thanksgiving, as I haven't been to FN since my first foray up there as a tree planter cook in 2001!
-> I have a scrap/puter space, that is ALMOST organised. It's getting there, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I go see it. It's in T's office, next to him, but in my own little cubby. (I'm on T's laptop in the living room at the moment, not in my space.)
-> I'm working full-time, outside the home. It was a HARD decision to make, but it is for the best right now. A few reasons: we'll be able to get a mortgage sooner, we'll be able to save for a downpayment faster, T won't be stressed about making sales if the bills are being paid, thus he can focus on his projects better. He's playing Mr. Mum right now, which has been an adjustment, but we'll get through this, because in the long run, we'll be where we want to get, sooner.

Anyway, it's YET ANOTHER LATE NIGHT, so I should go. Especially since my X is off to Quesnel again tomorrow, and I have to work tomorrow too.

Hugs! :)

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