06 June 2009

Yet another late night...

This night wasn't intentional. I was in bed by 11, asleep by 11.20ish... but awakened at 1.19am from heartburn, and 1.34am for a feed. (yes, he's one, and still waking up... :P)

I laid in bed for over a half hour before deciding this is SILLY, I'm going to get up and tire myself out so I can sleep. Now it's 3am, and I'm doing another silly late post... albeit short though. :)

Went to the dr's yesterday (since it's technically Saturday :P), and got the all clear for my Bell's Palsy. Dr reckons it's due to ear infection or HPV... funny, never had a cold sore, nor do I have an ear infection... but the 'roids helped my neck, and thus my face... :P I did my own reading, I reckon my assumption is a bit more correct, since my neck went out again half way thru the 'roids, and my face got worse again. Ah well, whatever, am getting better... should be 100% in about 3 to 6 weeks time.

Tomorrow is Shan's birthday party, and I'm excited. :) We have family coming, and friends too, it's gonna be fun! We had a couple of parties for X's first (family, mother's group, and then a giant bbq with friends for his and T's bdays), so only 2 for Shan (no mother's group here).... but it should be a good one.

THEN... off to Van for a trip to visit with the PETCOWS of Chilliwack (sorry, I think it's funny my friend mis-spells her own last name like that (Petkau)... and then picking up Jac from the Van International Airport on Weds... such a busy week! And then a busy month with Jaclyn here.... ah. Overwhelmed? Not really actually. Surprisingly. But oh so excited!!!

Okay, I'm actually feeling tired now, and since this may be my last post for a couple of weeks (busy busy!), I'm glad I got the opportunity to get on here... since this has been a standing goal for a while, to actually contribute on a semi-regular basis to my blog. :) (yay, I'm working on it!)

Off to bed,


Kate said...

Happy 1st Birthday to little Shannon! I hope you all have a great day together! Missing you guys heaps x Kate etc

Shazza said...

Hi Dinnae!

go check out my blog.... I have given you an award.... (post dated 11/06/09)