29 December 2008

I love Disney/Pixar...


I know that they are a marketing giant, whose sole occupation is to infect my children's minds with their wares... but seriously.

Tonight, X ate a whole chicken schnitzel. This is no small feat. My 29-month-old son has not eaten a proper dinner in over 11 months. Dinner has consisted of the only foods he WILL eat - toast, oatmeal, baked beans, cereal, bananas, pb&j or nutella sandwiches and the occasional apple.

My Auntie bought him a mealtime set for Christmas (one of his many many presents from my family this year), branded with Disney/Pixar's CARS... 6 pieces of CARS to be exact. A water bottle with a snack compartment, a compartmentalised plate, a bowl, a cup with a lid and straw, and a spoon and fork. Pretty cool stuff, and I can tell you that as a kid, I'm sure I would have LOVED a similar set. (Insert Aladdin or Lion King instead of Cars however.)

Last night, we had zucchini dahl, a meal that USED TO BE his absolute FAVOURITE. He hadn't eaten it in 11 months. Last night he ate about half of it. Wouldn't touch the zucchini, just the lentils and the rice, but hey, it's a start.

Tonight, we had rice with chicken schnitzel. Granted, wasn't the healthiest schnitzel (it wasn't just a breaded breast, it was processed meat, similar to mcd's nuggets), but it was STILL chicken... and heck, I'm happy he had something other than bread for dinner!

Disney rocks, and my Auntie C is my hero. I'll say it again - SERIOUSLY.


Erich, Naomi, Konrad, Ava and Calvin said...

Sounds like it is step in the right direction. We often use mind over matter or bribery to get the kids to eat better and hope it is a stage that will pass.

dinnae said...

Tried the bribery so many times girl... doesn't work with this one. He's too darn stubborn! (Takes after BOTH of us unfortunately... ;) )