05 February 2012

Process Vs. Product

I know the theory behind process vs. product when dealing with kids. I have to say that I whole-heartedly agree with it, because my generation was taught at a very young age: product > process, and thus there are many people like me who struggle with the fact that we can't be perfect at everything (not so good for self-esteem!).

But sometimes, there are instances when a project DOES need a product, and it ISN'T all about the process. And I think that teaching kids that too is important. So that they understand that in life, there is a time and place to be focused on your product and not just the experience.

Case in point: homemade Valentine's cards. There are 15 other kids in Xman's class and 6 other kids in Shanman's class. To not complete the product would mean that a) some kids would get left out, or b) mummy would do it all. Two unacceptable options in my book.

My compromise?
The boys chose their colours, I made the elements and then guided the crazies in the assembly process.

The result?
Two happy boys who got to glue (X got to cut out too, his latest obsession), and put stickers on, their cards for their classmates.

We got product AND process, and I didn't yell or pull my hair out in frustration.

Yes! Win-win-win!

(The pictures are my "template" on the left, and 4 of each of their interpretations of the template on the right. Red and orange were X's chosen colours and blue and purple were Shan's.)

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