04 August 2011

Adopt a gluten free blogger - Gluten Free Gobsmacked

And the GF adventures continue... 

Through my mad surfing, and my insatiable thirst for all info gluten free, I of course stumbled upon a NUMBER of blogs.  The first?  Kate Chan's blog over at Gluten Free Gobsmacked.  I love her style of writing, her passion for ingredients, that she's a mama like me, and the fact that she is a seasoned GF chica.  She was diagnosed with celiac THREE WEEKS before her wedding (poor chick!) and she and "her love" have been experimenting and living gluten free ever since.  Her DH is of Asian descent, so in that aspect, she kinda has it easy - so so many GF flours are regular, normal, everyday flours in the Asian menu.  At least *HE* knew what he was looking for! ;)  That said, I spend a LOT of time in the Asian section in our local Save-On Foods and Great Canadian Superstore... 

Anyway, back to Kate.  She's very adventurous with her baking, and she's part of this wicked awesome thing called Ratio Rally - wherein a group of GF bakers are committed to using weight ratios for their baking rather than standard cup measures... and lo and behold, some amazing creations are coming out of it!  They just did the most recent of Ratio Rallies, Cakes, on the 3rd... Can't wait to dig in to that one!  Oh, and another reason why I love her writing?  She has a sweet tooth like me!  Oh be still my heart!  One of her recipes that I'm *DYING* to try is for .... wait for it.... OREOS!  If you know me, then you know that I loooooooove Oreos.  If you don't, well, just get this - I have been known to polish off a whole bag of Double Stufs ON. MY. OWN.  Anyway, I was going to try baking them this week, but necessity won over craving - the man needs bread for lunch.  And it's just been one of those weeks that nothing else was gonna get baked this week.  Pooh!  Although... it seems that summer has finally arrived in Greater Vancouver - YES!  Hence why we've been so busy this week - lots of time spent at the beautiful parks in the City of Surrey.

So, why am I telling you about Kate?  Well, I signed up for this Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Web Event.  Basically you "adopt" a GF blogger, do one of their recipes, photograph it and post about it.  So... here it is!

As I said, the man needed bread for lunch.  So I did a recipe of Kate's called Sorghum Flax Bread that actually has 3 different ways to make it.  I have, in my bread baking over the last 3 weeks, made it all 3 ways.  You can find her recipe HERE.

So I gotta tell you a bit about my adventures with this bread.  These pics are made the standard way with the recipe (eggs NOT separated, and WITH a sponge).  To be perfectly honest, I didn't notice a difference in taste or look between the 3 ways.  BUT.  With a sponge and with eggs separated was the only way my dough didn't bubble up and over into my oven during the rise.  (That was effort #2, NOT these pics.)  Not quite sure WHAT I did... except that MAYBE with the sponge this time last time I didn't let it settle enough?  I think that is *most likely* the cause of the bubbling dough debacle.  Well, at least my oven wasn't *ON.*  

***No smoke alarms or fire alarms were tripped in the baking of this bread.***  ;)

My "sponge" activating

My dough, all nicely patted down into my pan.

My dough, not so nicely patted down into my pan... 
oh, but rising! LOL!

Make lemonade out of lemons?  
How about buns out of bubbling over bread dough?

End result? Some darn good-lookin' bread and buns.

And a yummy chicken BLT... not bad!

And the verdict?  Well, good enough that the man is happy with it for his sandwiches for lunch... and I enjoyed a slice with hummus this evening... Aw yum!  

All yumminess aside, serious verdict is that this wholegrain bread has some good chew (not crumbly! yay!), a fantastic texture, and a little bit of a sweet undertone.  I may mix it up a bit by making it a bit savoury next time - dropping some of the sugar, and upping the salt and maybe some spices in there.  The texture is awesome, and I think it'd make a GREAT cheesy scone-type bun.

Go check out the rest of the posts for this AaGFB event, you'll find them in the comments section of the post. :)

Happy bread making!


Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

hi hi - thanks for stopping by my blog. it sounds like it is the first time you are participating in Adopt a GF blogger - welcome!! It is one of my favorite events to participate it.

if you are looking for GF snackies, you might want to check out Elana's pantry power bars - I adopted her a few months ago and loved that recipe: http://www.citylifeeats.com/2011/03/adopt-gluten-free-blogger-elana-of.html

Heather @Gluten-Free Cat said...

You are hilarious! I've had a few oven shots like that myself! Hope your dh loved the results!

Kate said...

Wow. Thank you for choosing me! :D I'm sorry it overflowed on you... that happens to me every once in a while as well - drives me batty. I have taken to always using a cookie pan like you but have never made buns with my overflow - SWEET IDEA!
Hope you are enjoying the tails of summer -