25 July 2008


yeah yeah, whatever. ;)

anyway, this is a shortie... am in the middle of packing up my life (yes AGAIN) to move to the other side of the world (yes, AGAIN). back to the land of the 4 seasons, none of this 9 months of summer and 3 months of spring crap. (kidding, i LOVE aus, i just can't handle the heat!)

i'm prompted to do this post tho 'cause tan started her own blog recently, artsty fartsy mumma, and while i was checking that out (don't forget, i am the QUEEN of procrastination, remember!?), i thought, HEY, haven't posted in awhile, maybe i should do that.

lots has happened, but no point in catching up atm, because i've been keeping in contact with most ppl directly (well, i guess i should just post a couple of things)...

- i used to work at bunnings... the first job in my entire life that i've enjoyed going to work every day for a whole year... (well, 1 year and 2 weeks) and i miss it like mad. the ppl are FANTASTIC, and the paint department was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

- i've become addicted to scrapbooking... this is ALL sam and tan's fault! i love the art side of it, the journalling (so important in my boys' books), and the fun of creating something that looks fantastic and that will be treasured for generations!

- have a crazy toddler now, x will be 2 in august! he's gorgeous, big for his age (about the same size as most 3 yr olds - hey, his daddy is 6'4", so this isn't a surprise!), and so independent and stubborn. just learning how to talk, and we HOPE starting to get THROUGH AND PAST the terrible twos.

- i'm an auntie! my wicked bro and his lovely partner deanna (whom i have yet to meet) had a baby at 3am on 3rd march this year... hailey dinnae. she is tooooo cute, and from the pics, looks so much like her daddy did! (but, i'll wait til i see pics of deanna as a baby too, she may look heaps like her too.)

- mum lived here with us for a YEAR... which was AMAZING. she left 6 days ago to head back, and i miss her so much its ridiculous.

- we have a gorgeous newborn son, shannon joshuah. he joined our family after 4 hours of labour (compared to x's 49 hours!) at 8am thurs morning, 29th may this year.

- t and i celebrated THREE YEARS of wedded bliss on weds... we went on a date to the flicks to see the dark knight... omg, what an AMAZING movie.... and omg, i've been MARRIED for THREE YEARS??? who'da thought me??? lol! think how much i'll spin out when we hit 20!!!!

- we leave in exactly 6 days, 17 hours and 35 minutes to go to canada. todd is RAPT... he's been hangin for this for 4 years! i'm so glad for him, because i have felt guilty keeping him here... but its time now... and my boys need to be near their family. i want them to grow up with the closeness that i grew up with.

okeley dokeley... time to get off this puter (todd's gonna kill me when/if he reads this...)

hugs to all... and no, i haven't posted on xman's blog lately either... but i will do that after we arrive back in canada... after i've recovered from jetlag that is. ;)

jeeeeeez, so much for a shortie.... LMAO

peace out!

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Kate said...

It's about bloody time you updated this blog!

I can't wait to read all the details of your big trip. I'm so excited for you! We moved our kids interstate (and back), you're taking yours to the other side of the world! How cool for them to brag about later on- that they were born in Australia, not Canada like all their mates lol

I hope the move goes perfectly and you can be settled into your new home asap

xxx Kate, Matt and the kids

ps Make sure you read my blog for our updates so you don't forget us! www.thesixofus.wordpress.com