18 January 2005

we're home!!!

well, this post will be short, because i should be getting ready to go take in a resume to a restaurant nearby home.

there will be more posts to follow soon... with all the details of our month of escapades in canada.... i swear to you, we were all OVER hell's half-acre when we were in BC. i'm glad to be home and not living out of a suitcase anymore, i'll tell you that much. and, as crappy as our little double bed is, it's ours, and it never felt so good to sleep in it as the first few nights home.

just a quick preview of our trip....
- our lives became "airline" (you know, that LAME reality show?).... do NOT ever EVER go through STUDENT FLIGHTS (an affiliate of FLIGHT CENTRE) for your travel agent.... they SUCK!!!!

- we got snowed in... in VICTORIA, of ALL places! took us 4 hours and a bunch of volunteers to help us dig out my little sunfire (i think i'll start calling her a 'snowfire')... i've driven in snow lots, and let me tell you... snow in victoria is UGLY... heavy and wet, and pretty much INSTANT ice!

- my car got broken into in vancouver... even though there was nothing in site, everything was in the trunk.... as well... insurance companies SUCK! more on that later... here's hoping we still get covered... they're trying to tell us that we aren't, despite the fact that we paid over $450 for travel insurance... and over $30 per month in home contents insurance... we'll see.

- we got in FIVE DAYS of boarding, in GREAT (albeit COLD) conditions.

- i hurt my tailbone getting off the lift at silverstar because of some dumb blonde twat running the lift... she didn't slow the lift down for us because she was jacking around in the hut, and when i fell, i landed smack on my tailbone... pretty sure i bruised it, cause it hurt for almost 2 weeks after. :P

- we visited so many people, my brain hurts just thinking about it.

- todd got to see his first ice hockey game - a whl game in prince george - the cougars vs. the portland winterhawks. pg lost, but it was a good game, none-the-less.

- todd got to go sledding for his first time! we got a big dump of snow in quesnel on christmas night, and me, todd, my bro and my 2 cousins, faren and tana, went out sledding... it was GROUSE!

i have TONS of pics to post (pics we took BEFORE the camera was stolen, and smart us, we put them on DISC so we STILL HAVE THEM - thank goodness, i'd have been devastated if we'd lost all our christmas pics), so i will be doing that soon.

:D ttyl!

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