17 October 2004


well... i promised a travel journal/diary to tell of my tales in aus.... and 6 weeks later, i'm finally gettin off my ass and gettin it started.

today t and i got back from a night in ballarat. t's 10 year highschool reunion was yesterday, in ballarat, at st. pat's college. t went to st. pat's when he was in years 7, 8 & 9, so he hadn't seen most of these guys (with the exception of one that he works with - simon diderrich - diders) in about 13 years. we both thought we were going to be bored, but we had a blast! it was so funny, because sooooo many of the guys (well, ALL of them) didn't recognize todd right away, until they saw his name tag. t was BLIND!!! we started at the college, with a tour, and then we got the st. pat's bus to a club downtown ballarat called the regent. lots of fun, and i was amused by the 19 year old that was hitting on me (didn't believe that i was 25... toooo funny!). me and t were pretty tuckered by 1.30... went to the hotel and PASSED out.

this morning, we got up and went for a tour around ballarat. t took me by where his old house was, and pity, it was demolished and a work site office was where it used to stand. :( but, it was really neat to see where t went to school, and meet guys that he went to school with. we went to the avenue of honour (got some pics) and also spent a good portion of our day at sovereign hill... an old fashioned town, like barkerville, where they have all the old buildings, etc. and a place where you can pan for gold. it was neat. :D we were pretty knackered by about 4pm, and headed back to geelong.

we rented some vids so that we could veg out tonight (big night last night!), and now we're in the middle of watching dogma (yay kevin smith!). soooooo... i'm thinking i'm going to sign off and watch it. i'll keep this updated... or at least, i'll try. ;) talk to you soon!


Eliza said...

It's nice to hear some good Australian news in amongst all these millions of Blogs. Makes me homesick.

dinnae said...

thanks eliza! i'll be posting all of my aussie adventures on here, along with pics (some of which i've posted since you were on here), so you can laugh at my funny canadian antics... i definitely feel like a foreigner every time i open my mouth! ;) i checked out your blog - too cool! i love to hear stories of ppl exploring cultures and countries other than their own. :D could it be because i've been bitten so hard by the travel bug? ;)